Brokers: This Week's Trade Will Determine The Future Trend on BSE

Brokers: This Week's Trade  Will Determine The Future Trend on BSE talked to four market experts about their expectation of trade this week. Here is what they had to say:

Irina Hristova, broker, FK Ever

Speculating investors will be influenced to a large extent by the development of the situation on the global markets. If the news there is positive, investors will be turning towards the local market.

The unaudited reports recently posted by BSE companies have confirmed my positive expectations. I think the optimism will be slowly back on BSE this week.

Ivo Tolev, investment consultant, Synergon Asset Management

I expect active trade this week, high demand and turnovers, but no sharp changes in indexes. I like to say that the downward trend is easy and fast, but the upward one is usually slower and harder.

Anyway, the correction on BSE is over, but whether the bourse has regained the necessary balance, we will have to find out in the following days. Prices on most positions have stayed down for quite some time as investors were awaiting clearer signs.

In spite of the positive signals, though, cautiousness and discipline will be of utmost importance these days. I believe this week will set the future trend on BSE.

I don't expect any significant corporate news that may lead the market in a certain direction. The only exception is the news on the structuring of a new open end certificate on SOFIX by Unicredit BulBank, which is to be traded on the Warsaw Stock exchange.

On the global scale, the only important event has been the Microsoft bid for Yahoo, which lead to the advances of the US indexes. Today we will say whether there exists a strong correlation between BSE and the world markets.

Yavor Spasov, broker, MKB Unionbank

The prices of most stocks are already very attractive and the convincing Q4 reports have provided an additional boost. I think the correction is almost over and the global crisis has already taken its toll on the BSE capitalization.

Investors enthusiasm will be back on BSE very soon, I will not be surprised by large gains at the end of the week.

Veselin Morov, broker, Naba Invest

In my opinion we are about to see a relatively unstable bourse trade this week, as a result of the situation on the global markets and as no important corporate news and events are expected.

The financial reports posted by BSE companies last week failed to generate the necessary positivism, although the results weren't bad either.

The process of regaining investors' trust will continue for about 3 to 6 months and will prevent a sharp rise of stock prices (something that may trigger another wave of instability).

This article is analytical and should not be viewed as a recommendation for buying/selling stock.

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