Combined Assets of Collective Investment Schemes Up by 5% in One Month

Combined Assets of Collective Investment Schemes Up by 5% in One Month

The net value of the assets of Bulgarian mutual funds and investment companies grew by 5% in a month, a check-up conducted by shows. The combined net value of the assets of collective investment schemes operating in Bulgaria stood at 655.525 mln leva (335.164 mln euros) as at the end of May, compared to 624.34 mln leva (319.21 mln euros) a month earlier.

The SOFIX and BG40 indexes of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange posted monthly gains in May for the first time this year. The SOFIX advanced by 10.67% in the period April 30 to May 30, while the broader BG40 gained 9.9%.

The top ten collective investment schemes in terms of assets managed 342.62 mln leva (175.17 mln euros) assets as at the end of May. The figure accounted for 52% of the total assets accumulated by all 73 collective investment schemes.

Synergon Prestige registered the highest increase in assets among the conservative collective investment schemes in May. The assets of the fund went up by 38.81% to 667,110 leva (341,100 euros).

Conservative Savings Contractual Fund followed ranked second with a 9.84-percent increase in assets. The value of the assets of the fund rose from 512,884 leva as at the end of April to 563,369 leva a month later.

TBI Comfort ranked third with a 0.94-percent monthly increase in assets to 8.67 mln leva.

Collective investment schemes that registered a decline in the value of the assets included UBB Platinum Bonds (-8.63% to 3.26 mln leva), Elana Eurofund (-4.72% to 4.77 mln leva), Elana Money Market Fund (-4.58% to 14.35 mln leva) and etc.

See the table for more details: 

Mutual funds/Investment companyAprilMayChange%
Synergon Prestige480603.0466711038.81
Conservative 5128845633699.84
TBI Comfort 8585837.4286668230.94
FIB Garant 515780.65199590.81
Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Bond Fund3152243.9531643020.38
DSK Standard6643760.246580291-0.96
Elana Dollar Fund14222441377768-3.13
TBI Eurobond1223987911762052-3.9
Elana Money Market Фунд1504023014351980-4.58
Elana Eurofund50052694769193-4.72
UBB Platinum Bonds3567699.493259878-8.63
Data: BAAMC/

CCB Garant-Sofia recorded the highest increase in the net value of the assets among the balanced collective investment schemes in May. The net value of the assets of the fund rose by 15.75% 969,882 leva. CCB Active ranked second with an increase 15.44% in assets. The fund managed 6.97 mln leva assets as at the end of May. Zagora Finacorp Balanced Fund occupied the number three spot with an increase of 13.22% to 773,977 leva.

Four collective investment schemes with a balanced risk profile record a decline in assets in the month of May. These included: Somoni Eurostability, Raiffeisen Fund Money Market, Raiffeisen Balanced Fund and Aurora Capital-Balanced fund.

KTB Balanced managed to attract assets worth 1.84 mln leva in a month.

See the table for more details: 

Mutual fund/Investment companyAprilMayChange%
CCB Garanat837876.4896988215.75
CCB Active6037662.76697000115.44
Zagora Finacorp Balanced Fund68358477397713.22
Capman Capital12941005.81428899710.42
Activa Balanced298057.063252009.11
TBI Trasure 61908.27673658.81
Standard Investment Balanced Fund5513270.658715516.5
Sentinel Principal3092818.0932313074.48
Somoni Strategy597175.816236984.44
KD Pelican5905374.7661523174.18
Zlaten Lev 9168126.339516191.53.8
Raiffeisen Balanced Dollar Fund897400993106993.75
Elana Balanced Eurofund28788080297341433.29
UBB Balanced Fund9346396.4496335203.07
Invest Classic728784.937487032.73
BencMark Fund-13705291.3738056712.71
Elana Balanced $ Fund27845103285513982.54
FIB Classic1045570.6610653101.89
TBI Harmony12881146.59130332411.18
DSK Balance36140937.01365517971.14
Varchev Balanced Fund500969.665044720.7
KD Bonds Bulgaria 761687.747653860.49
BenchMark Fund-31974225.819762320.1
Aurora Capital Balanced1289645.151278801-0.84
Raiffeisen Balanced Fund34717520.6734126405-1.7
Raiffeisen Fund Money Market4280908.483995992-6.66
Somoni Eurostability769029716610-6.82
KTB Balanced Fundn/a1843659n/a
Data: BAAMC/

DSK Properties registered the highest increase in the value of the assets among the high-risk collective investment schemes in May. The assets of the fund wen up by 16.38% to 581,230 leva.

Capman Max's net asset value grew by 15.09% to 45.42 mln leva, compared to 39.46 mln leva a month earlier.

Balkani's net asset value went up by 14.52% to 597,880 leva.

Ug Market Maximum registered a 13.42-percent increase in net asset value to 9.24 mln leva.

See table for more details: 

Mutual fund/Investment companyAprilMayChange%
DSK Properties499411.858123016.38
Capman Max39461560.214541627915.09
Ug Market Maximum8142050.17923506513.42
BenchMark Fund-4 Energy1979642.8221914812.1
Invest Active1805996.48201256011.44
CCB Leader 10195059.21112137049.99
UBB Premium Equity26529476.19291375939.83
Activa High-Yield Mutual Fund1020745.8411193739.66
Synergon Profit225757324634639.12
Standard Investment High-Yield Fund11923887.98129488928.6
Alfa Index Top 202798098.2830224348.02
BenchMark Fund-215621016.65168175317.66
Standard Investment International Fund2138015.9522971007.44
KD Equity Bulgaria 4194470.5944943017.15
Elana High Yield Fund17957162192386997.14
Advance Eastern Europe 16329046174054656.59
Alfa Selected Shares2881285.8630633176.32
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