Combined Assets of Mutual Funds Down by 5% in June


The combined value of the assets of Bulgarian collective investment schemes declined amounted to 622.23 mln leva as at the end of June 2008, down by 5.08% on May, data of the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies (BAAMC) show.

A total of 11 collective investment schemes, mostly with conservative or balanced profile, posted an increase in the value of their asses in June. Four of the schemes saw an increase of less than 0.12% each in the value of their assets.

FIB Garant recorded the highest increase in the value of its assets over the last moth. The asses of the fund grew by 16.91% to 607,868 leva. Aurora Capital-Balanced Fund followed with a 11.39-percent increase in assets to 1.42 mln leva.

The net asset value of Raiffeisen Balanced Dollar Fund grew by 6.13% to 9.85 mln leva. UBB Platinum Bonds' net asset value went up by 5.05% to 3.42 mln leva as at June 30.

Elana Fund Money Market saw a 2.93-percent rise in assets to 14.77 mln leva as at the end of June. TBI Eurobond's asset value rose by 1.2% to 6.66 mln leva.


Mutual fund/Investment companyNAV JuneNAV MayChange %
DSK Growth44960.148932.74-8.12
Capman Max42190.4145416.28-7.1
Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Equity Fund35822.338303.32-6.48
DSK Balance34286.1536551.8-6.2
Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Balanced Fund32565.4934126.61-4.57
Advance Invest30939.3332623.51-5.16
Elana Balanced Eurofund*28037.5229734.14-5.71
Elana Balanced $ Fund*27012.6428551.4-5.39
UBB Premium Equity26505.7429137.59-9.03
Elana High Yield Fund18081.0219238.7-6.02

Most of the mutual funds and the investment companies registered a decline in their net asset value in June.

Raiffeisen Fund Money Market saw a considerable decline in its asset value over the last month. The assets of the fund shrunk by 42.52% to 2.26 mln leva. Aktiva High-yield fund's assets dropped by 33.08% to 749,000 leva.

BenchMark Fund-1 also registred a decline in assets in June. The assets of the mutual fund went down by 15.83% to 3.2 mln leva.

See the table for more details on the performance of the remaininbg 67 mutual funds and investment companies:


Mutual fund/Investment companyNAV June (in '000 leva)NAV May (in '000 leva)Change %
FIB Garant607.87519.9616.91
Aurora Capital-Balanced fund1424.441278.811.39
KTB Balanced Fund1956.631843.666.13
Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Balanced $ Fund*9846.169310.75.75
UBB Platinum Bonds3424.473259.885.05
Elana Fund Money Market14772.1614351.982.93
DSK Standard6659.436580.291.2
TBI Eurobond11776.0811762.050.12
KD Bonds Bulgaria766.01765.390.08
Conservative Savings Contractual Fund 563.63563.370.05
Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Bond Fund3165.133164.30.03
CCB Garant 968.73969.88-0.12
Aurora Capital–Global Commodity Fund298.63299.02-0.13
Elana Eurofund4760.264769.19-0.19
Advance IPO Fund*13529.1813567-0.28
Somoni Eurostability*714.61716.61-0.28
BenchMark Fund-5 CEE435.78437.46-0.38
Zagora Finacorp Balanced Fund770.64773.98-0.43
TBI Treasure67.0467.37-0.48
Status New Shares 10235.4810365.11-1.25
Varchev Balanced Fund497.86504.47-1.31
Elana Dollar Fund*1352.461377.77-1.84
Invest Classic732.97748.7-2.1
Zlaten Lev9301.559516.19-2.26
FIB Classic1039.71065.31-2.4
TBI comfort8417.428666.82-2.88
Status Finance1548.971597.13-3.02
Capman Capital13855.0914289-3.04
KTB Fund Shares1313.641354.78-3.04
Alfa Index Imoti1885.181946.93-3.17
Somoni Stragey603.07623.7-3.31
KD pelican5897.936152.32-4.13
BenchMark Fund-4 Energy2126.762219.15-4.16
Synergon Prestige638.69667.11-4.26
CCB Active6658.546970-4.47
BenchMark Fund-3 Sector Real Estates 1884.261976.23-4.65
TBI Harmony12420.0813033.24-4.7
Invest Active1917.782012.56-4.71
CCB Leader10621.8511213.7-5.28
Synergon Profit2331.862463.46-5.34
Varchev High Yield Fund1799.791902.06-5.38
UBB Balanced Fund9105.39633.52-5.48
FIB Avangard1638.121739.22-5.81
Ug Market Maximum8676.159235.07-6.05
Advance eastern Europe16326.8517405.47-6.2
TBI Dynamic15494.6916703.44-7.24
Standard Investment Balanced Fund5428.555871.55-7.54
Aktiva Balanced 300.17325.2-7.7
KD Equity Bulgaria4136.014494.3-7.97
Somoni Progress1516.461655.51 Добави коментар

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