Low Risk and Balanced Collective Schemes See Positive Return In 2008

Low Risk and Balanced Collective Schemes See Positive Return In 2008

The collective investment schemes seeing positive return so far in 2008 are those with low risk and balanced profile. Only ten out of 76 funds in Bulgaria are reporting positive return this year.
The funds with positive return figures for the past 12 months are also ten in number, shows a Profit.bg inquiry and data by the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies (BAAMC).

Elana Money Market Fund tops the list with return at +4.72% for the first seven months of the year. Return last month stood at 3.94%.

Next in the list are DS Standard and TBI Eurobond with return at respectively 3.73% and 3.4% at the end of July. H1 figures for those two fund stood at 3.16% and 3.02%.

The top 5 also includes Elana Eurofund (3.09%) and CCB Garant (3.08%). In H1 those two funds brought 2.55% and 2.62% to investors respectively.

More details on collective investment schemed in Bulgaria are given in the table below:

Fund2008 Return12 month return
Elana Money Market Fund4,72%n/a
DSK Standard3,73%5,95%
TBI Eurobond3,40%6,22%
Elana Eurofund3,09%6,56%
CCB Guarant3,08%n/a
Raiffeisen Bulgaria Bonds Fund2,97%4,84%
Raiffeisen Bulgaria Money Market 2,60%4,53%
Sentinel Rapod2,40%3,84%
UBB Platinum Bonds2,24%4,73%
Zagora Finarcoop Balanced Fund1,04%n/a
Advance IPO Fund-0,31%n/a
KD Bonds Bulgaria-1,24%4,88%
BKM Balanced Capital-1,26%-5,46%
FIB Garant-3,31%n/a
Invest Classic-4,45%n/a
Arora Capital Global Commodity Fund-4,47%n/a
TBI Comfort-5,43%2,96%
BenchMark Fund 1 Shares-5,97%0,96%
TBI Treasure-6,27%n/a
Varchev Balanced Fund-8,28%-10,30%
FIB Classic-11,84%n/a
Alfa Index Property-13,10%-6,77%
BenchMark Fund 2 Properties -13,17%-8,31%
Sentinel Principal-15,04%-10,48%
TBI Harmony-15,16%-1,26%
Aurora Capital Balanced-15,56%n/a
Elana Balanced Eurofund-15,69%-5,21%
Elana Balanced Dollar Fund-16,12%-5,25%
UBB Balanced Fund-17,89%-10,26%
DSK Balance -17,93%-12,39%
KD Pelican-19,56%-12,83%
Elana High Yield Fund-19,66%-9,41%
Zlaten Lev-20,89%-7,96%
Invest Active-21,83%n/a
CCB Active-22,22%-15,16%
CCB Leader-23,09%-14,87%
Raiffeissen Bulgaria Balanced Fund-23,11%-16,63%
Varchev High Yield Fund-23,44%-18,30%
FIB Avangard-23,78%n/a
Capman Capital-25,08%-2,68%
Ug Market Maximum-25,46%-5,49%
Advance Eastern Europe -27,54%-26,56%
BenchMark Fund 2 Shares -28,32%-18,14%
TBI Dynamic-29,23%-13,69%
Status New Shares -29,94%-30,55%
Synergon Profit-30,30%-13,96%
Activa Balanced-30,37%n/a
Status Finance-30,40%-38,98%
Synergon Prestige -31,19%-22,39%
Alfa Selected Shares -31,77%n/a
DSK Rastej-33,00%-25,21%
Standard Investment Balanced Fund-33,15%-28,30%
UBB Premium Shares -33,23%-23,35%
Raiffeisen Bulgaria Shares Fund-33,44%-28,04%
Advance Invest -33,54%-28,74%
Capman max -34,76%-15,78%
KD Shares Bulgaria -36,00%-26,72%
Europe -36,49%-32,81%
Activa High Yield -39,18%n/a
Standard Investment International Fund -43,13%-44,96%
Standard Investment High Yield Fund-43,65%-38,08%
Alfa Index Top 20-43,74%-34,97%
Raiffeissen Bulgaria Balanced $ Fundn/an/a
BenchMark Fund 4 Energetics n/an/a
ДФ БенчМарк Фонд-4 Енергетикаn/an/a
Elana Dollar Fund n/an/a
CCB Fund Shares n/an/a
Somoni Proggress n/an/a
Somoni Eurostability **n/an/a
Ug market Optimumn/an/a
Somoni Strategyn/an/a
Balkans n/an/a
DSK Properties n/an/a
BechMark Fund 5 CEE n/an/a

Source: Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies (BAAMC), data as at July 31

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